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7 ideas for decorating your wedding with balloons.

In recent years balloons have stopped being associated exclusively with children's parties and promotional events to form part of the most beautiful and trendy wedding decorations. No matter the style you are looking for, simple, colorful, modern, romantic or rocambolesco, today is super easy to find the ideal balloon model for whatever your idea.

This is the key to the success of balloons in wedding decoration: you find a hundred models. From classic balloons 'just married' or heart shaped balloons and typical balloons in (thousand) colors, we can also buy balloons for weddings of different types: metallized, balloons of letters and numbers, giant balloons or XXL and even balloons with led light. A variety with which to let "fly" the imagination.

Decorating with balloons is an economical idea with a showy result, and very easy to carry out since they do not require large assemblies, only a lot of desire - and good lungs - to inflate them or to use these helium balloons (option with which it will be easier to inflate them and also allow balloons to float easily, but remember to tie a counterweight to them if you do not want them to end up flying).

How to decorate your wedding balloons?

If you still have no idea how to incorporate them do not worry, because we have selected 7 ideas to decorate your wedding balloons (and more than 23 inspirational photos) ... Take note!


From the super giant balloons that delimit the ceremony area (cover photo), through the pink, mint and white balloons tied to the chairs of the guests in the geometric wedding of Leticia and Miguel, to the elegant minimalism of the wedding in Cadiz by Laetitia and Olivier, who tied white balloons to chairs for dinner. That simple or colorful can be the result of using balloons to decorate the ceremony or reception of the link.

If you are looking for something even more original and striking, do not hesitate to use the giant letter balloons as an idea to number the tables. No doubt, no guest will lose his table!


This idea is pretty as well as interactive as it requires the participation of the guests. It basically consists of each guest asking for a wish for the bride and groom and all together, let the balloons in the wind, letting them fly so that the desire is fulfilled. In one of its variants, of which we have spoken HERE, the guests can attach to the globe their wish written on a card or postcard with the address of the bride and groom (so, whoever finds it can be sent by mail).

The release of balloons can be done any time of the wedding: at the end of the ceremony or during the cocktail, for example. Of course, the balloons must be inflated with helium, otherwise they will not fly.


Whether it's for the engagement session or for a couple of distended wedding photos, balloons are a fun option as a sneak peek at the pictures that will give you a lot of play. From a large bouquet of multicolored balloons (in the style of UP), to giant balloons with the initials of the bride and groom or forming the date of the wedding.


This idea we love because it looks great and creates a very beautiful visual effect. It is the one that needs more balloons (you have to cover a good part of the surface), but it is worth filling the balloons with helium and letting them float to the ceiling. Let the tapes hang, it will be more fun and you will find it easier to retrieve them when everything is finished.

Where to apply this idea? To highlight a hallway (for example the wedding ceremony, whenever it is in an enclosure), to define the dance floor, to surprise the bride in her bachelorette party, in the room of the bride and groom as a funny surprise … You choose!


As you can see, balloons are not limited to a mere ornamental use, but allow defining, pointing out and highlighting all kinds of spaces and corners. Already using a single balloon, in corsage, column or tied in an original garland of balloons; there are many possibilities you have to use balloons at your wedding.

Among the ideas that we propose to highlight and / or point out corners of the wedding with balloons you have a play area for children (ideal with tipis and blankets), a corner for the photocall to the candy tables or any other kind of corner ; for example, the book of signatures. To this idea you can also turn it around, and instead of 'highlighting' use the balloons to hide or disguise any corner you do not like.


Let the imagination fly and create your own background with balloons, either for the photocall (where the guests will make the most fun photos of the night) or as wedding backdrop or background for the wedding ceremony.

Remember that you can be as minimalist and sophisticated or colorful and exaggerated as you want. When it comes to decorating with balloons, what's best is the style of the wedding ... and the ideas you have.


No tin cans, no posters of 'Just married', or - not understandable - flower arrangements on the dashboard ... or well, all together. The first ride of the newlyweds can be so 'discreet' and fun tying balloons.

Of course, according to the truth, it is necessary to say that this idea would have to see it before in practice, for that reason of the resistance to the wind that the balloons can do. And if not, they will always be able to work for short distances and low speed ... or, even to be photogenic on the wedding album.

These are just 7 ideas that you can carry out with balloons, a little helium and extra imagination. Not to mention that you can customize the balloons as you like: painting them, filling them with confetti and glitter (transparent balloons are ideal for this), by attaching colored ribbons or laces and even decorating them with tassels or paper garlands.